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Who we are

We are a Collision Repair Facility that works for YOU!


Auernig Auto Body is one of the few remaining collision repair facilities that refuses to be part of the Insurance Company’s “Direct Referral Programs”. Many shops willingly exchange control of quality repair standards for Insurance Claims Office’s direct referrals to their shop. To get those referrals, a body shop must agree to strict repair parameters that are in place to benefit the insurance company. Those repair parameters may encourage the use of “alternate” (cheap) parts, reduced paint material allowances and reduced labor allowances. Any or all of which can lead to a lesser quality repair, of which you are fully entitled.

Auernig Auto Body will negotiate on your behalf to hold the insurance company accountable and make sure that you are getting the safe, reliable, long-lasting, high quality collision repair that you and your family count upon.

What we do

We are experts at returning your damaged vehicle back into it's pre-accident condition.


While other shops may be concerned with maintaining their insurance company relationships, Auernig Auto Body is only concerned with our relationship with you, our valued client.  Auernig Auto Body will always strive for a high-quality, safe repair of your damaged vehicle.

Auernig Auto Body prefers the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) parts in our endeavor of quality repairs, and have made extensive investments in the equipment and training to provide those repairs.

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